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French Fry Cutter – A Professional’s Cutter

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I bought this French Fry Cutter to get rid those memories. When we were children all parents and grandparent had these in their larder for chip dinners. I had been looking for 1 for years When I ordered this I thought it would not be as good …how wrong could I have been I have used it for all root veg as it has 2 plates I for normal chips and a smaller one for perfect Julian carrots and sewed/ or and root veg its very sturdy with a sucker on the bottom that fixes well to work top world recommend to any one as so much cheaper than buying frozen vegetables /ships. Buy now you will not regret it… The French Fry Cutter was packed very well

Features: French Fry Cutter

EC French-fry with wins-interchangeable parts to make, at home, chips or fries to the living room, high quality stainless steel.

-This cut fries quick and easy can uniformly cut regular fries up to 3.5 inches. Simply snap into a grid of cut and its corresponding thrust plate, placing a potato in the hopper and press the arm of the tool.

-This French Fry Cutter product is excellent for the home made chips and it can be used for cutting fruit and vegetable sticks to dip into sauces.

-Excellent for making chips and French Fries at home

-This French-FRY for potatoes and vegetables comes with a set of 2 blades to easily ‘fine’ Fries or chips

-Easily cut dozens of French fries or vegetables with a touch of the lever

-Interchangeable stainless steel blades with 25 holes for large fries and 49 for the small fries

-A good solid product, the lever to secure the item to a work surface could be with being slightly larger.  -Wider it would be difficult for someone with arthritic hands or painful joints.
It is good to have a change of attachments to make smaller or larger cut chips or carrot sticks.
A good solid construction

The French Fry Cutter is easy to use. Simply constructed and looks robust. Has a levered sucker underneath to prevent movement while in use. Just make sure the potato is not too tall to go through the grid as once partially through and caught in the grid it is a bit hard to remove it. The two grids supplied are 9mm and 13 mm sizes. I would add to the design a rectangular shaped dish to fit in front of the chipper to enable the chips to fall into it once through the grid. The chipper might then have to be a little bit taller. My personal preference is for an additional 7 or 8 mm grid for thinner chips. Perfect chips every time! French Fry CutterAlthough you will get muscles trying to get the bigger spuds to chip :) The only down side in my experience is the little slivers of potato that you have to pick out of the pile. I prefer the thicker chips, but the kids love the McDonalds thin style. Very strong construction, should last many years. This is a fabulous chipper. The action is smooth and easy. Like an earlier reviewer, I was bugged by slivers of potato apparently sticking in hard-to-access places till I remembered that the blade is easily removable (idiot).

French Fry Cutter comes with two blades – one for standard chips and one for skinny chips. It’s very solid and robust and has a suction pad underneath to stop it slipping when used. The potato goes through the blade easily when firm steady pressure is applied and the lever is comfortable to use. The blade pops out quickly for washing and spare blades are apparently available (I’m going to look into this because I want a fat chip blade. I’ll re-post if I find a replacement blade supplier. I brought this as I started Slimming World and wanted to make my own chips. This French Fry Cutter was great as you could either have chunky chips or French fries. The handle glided through the potato with ease and the chipper didn’t move from the worktop with the suction available. Good value and worked as stated. I wasn’t sure it would do the job, however it’s stronger than I thought and ideal for everyday use. I use mine for potatoes for my dish and it’s great! I also use it for carrots and other veg and it really works, also makes the food look better than cutting it yourself for parties or just everyday for fussy kids and grownups. It perfectly sturdy enough, big enough for medium potatoes (or halved big potatoes) and chips very easily. There is a very powerful sucker on the bottom of the chipper, which keeps it stuck fast to my Formica worktop and there are two perfect sizes of chips produced – large and chunky and thin (not ‘French fry’ thin). Dismantles very easily for thorough cleaning and is very easy to put back together. I wish all products were made this well!

This French Fry Cutter is the best toy ever!! If you own a French Fry Cutter I would recommend getting this chipper. Not only does it ensure the chips size/shapes are even, but it cuts out half the time of preparing the chips/veg. It’s really easy to set up and it secures firmly to the work top with a sucker on the base. It’s also very easy to insert and change the cutting blade for cleaning etc. Bought my first deep fat fryer and saw this at the same time so ordered on a whim. We don’t even peel our potatoes, we just put them straight into this chipper and have uniform chips (thick or thin. neither overly thick or thin, just right) and we have them in seconds…. even better, the kids argue over who is chipping the potatoes so that they can use the gadget .. Win. It has been a great time saver! I bought the Kitchen Craft Potato Chipper with a little skepticism I must admit. I was worried as it was so cheap it might be a bit flimsy. However when it arrived I was really impressed it is far from being flimsy its strong construction the sucker underneath was very strong. The interchangeable blades are easy to remove and fit the same with the removable push plate. The only down side was the actual push down, potatoes are a firm veg to cut and it did take quite a bit of force to pushing it down, mind you I think my grandchildren will love doing it seeing their chips pop out the end…. Overall an excellent buy and I would happily recommend this to any reader.

Overall, French Fry Cutter is a great choice. It has always taken so long to cut up potatoes and sweet potatoes for chips that are of consistent size. This little wonder makes perfect chips so fast and so perfect that chips are becoming more and more a part of our evening menu. Using the Potato Chipper along with the T-Fall Healthy Deep The main things with any kitchen appliance is whether a) it works, b) is easy to use and c) is easy to clean. This is great on all three counts and actually saves a lot of time. I use this with my French Fry Cutter and it really does mean you can do some chips very quickly with minimum effort. French Fry Cutter makes these a very healthy addition to a meal.

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